Mindfulness and meditation techniques

A pandemic is a very stressful event for individuals and communities. It’s normal to feel some stress and anxiety.The practice of mindfulness can be helpful in managing symptoms of anxiety, stress or mood. This session is a brief introduction to formal and informal mindfulness techniques. It will briefly explore applications to manage stress and impact of trauma. The session will include tips for individual practice and recommendations for support at an organizational level.


Ekta Hattangady is a Social Worker with a specialization in young-onset neurocognitive degenerative conditions like Young-Onset Dementia and Huntington Disease. Her niche has been in supporting young carers around balancing the demands of caring with other aspects of their lives. As a teen, she took care of her mom who had Young Onset Alzheimer’s and currently lives at-risk for the same. Ekta has used yoga and mindfulness personally to cope with depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Currently on a sabbatical from social work, Ekta works with individuals and non-profit organizations to build resiliency through compassion and awareness-based techniques. She is currently writing a book on mindfulness from a multi-faith perspective.

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