Promoting Physical and Mental Wellness on Campus

This interactive webinar will introduce the Mood Walks for Campus Mental Health program to Colleges and Universities across Ontario. Mood Walks is designed to contribute to the development of alternative mental health promotion strategies on campus. The presentation will offer a description of the many benefits of Mood Walks to campus life, including the physical and mental health benefits of being active, experiencing the healing affects of nature, increased social inclusion, and the positive impact this has on academic performance. This will be followed by a detailed explanation of the support provided for Colleges and Universities to start their own program, and how to apply to be one of 20 Ontario campuses that will receive support from the Mood Walk provincial partners.

*Mood Walks for Campus Mental Health is a partnership between five provincial organizations – Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario, the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health, the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, Hike Ontario and Conservation Ontario – with a shared interest in promoting the physical and mental wellbeing of postsecondary students. Funding for Mood Walks for Campus Mental Health is provided by the Ministry Tourism, Sport and Recreation.


Dr. Deena Kara Shaffer, Coordinator of Student Transitions and Retention in Ryerson University’s Student Affairs, is a learning specialist and co-creator of the Thriving in Action program. She facilitates Ryerson’s Mood Routes greenspace st/rolling initiative and the Portage outdoor education program, and holds a doctorate in nature-based pedagogy. She is also a freelance education and wellness writer, and a published poet (The Grey Tote, Véhicule Press, 2013). To keep nourished and well, Deena gardens, cooks, and savours hikes with her husband and two daughters.

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