Speaking Your Language: Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Support for International and Students New to Canada

Ask the Experts: CICMH Webinar Series

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Key Learnings
  • Learn to recognize language that international students use to talk about mental health, and incorporate this into your interactions with students
  • Understand some of the key challenges that international students’ face as well as their perceptions towards mental health that have been identified in the international education literature and cross-cultural counselling literature
  • Discuss opportunities and challenges in culturally- or linguistically-specific, or counselling-centered approaches
Presenter Bio

Abu Arif
Coordinator of International Student Services and the Speaking Your Language project, Ryerson University



Pratishtha Kohli
Third Year student of Psychology and Criminology at U of T, Student Coordinator for Speaking Your Language U of T and Events Director at the Centre for International Experience Global Lounge


Speaking Your Language – Project Webpage

An international student perspective on campus mental health and well-being

A video about what mental health means to international students

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