Supporting Youth with Addictions

Ask the Experts: CICMH Webinar Series #24

Ontario’s Colleges and Universities have been actively engaged in developing services and supports to address post-secondary student mental health needs. Increasingly, addictions and substance abuse are being understood as a mental health issue and post-secondary institutions throughout the province are attempting to expand supports for students dealing with addictions and substance use issues. In this webinar, we Ask the Experts about addictions, and the strategies and approaches that have been most effective for supporting youth populations.

Key Learnings

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to develop an understanding of:

  1. Definitions of substance use, misuse, abuse and addiction
  2. The impact of trauma, social isolation and mental health issues on substance abuse and addiction
  3. Using a harm reduction approach with youth

Jean Hopkins, MSW, MSc.
Jean Hopkins is a Policy Analyst and lead on complex care and addictions with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division. Jean’s background includes studying international drug policy with McMaster university’s global health program, and has previously worked as a social worker in community-based addictions treatment with women and their families.

Ellen Chang, MSW, RSW
Ellen Chang is an Addictions Therapist on the Family and Youth Initiatives Team at Breakaway Addiction Services. Ellen specializes in providing counselling to youth with substance issues and their families.

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