The Youth Voice Report: Five big ideas on how to promote mental health from 2500 young advocates

The Youth Voice Report is an appeal to decision makers on campuses of how to best promote youth mental health based on research, hard-evidence, and the lived experience of young people.

Ever have questions like:
What causes mental health struggle among young people?
What are barriers to help seeking?
How do individual campuses support student mental health?
What can campuses do to better promote youth mental health?

This report has answers.

In this webinar, we will take a deep dive into the recommendations made in the report and the process by which they were developed. This includes learnings from our Campus Assessment Tool pilot, a participatory research project that saw students assess their campus mental health systems and understand/address their associated strengths and gaps.

Come join us to hear what young people have to say about how we can all do more to promote youth mental health!


Pratik Nair and Hinna Hafeez

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