Working Your Wheel: Indigenous Self Care

In this webinar we are joined by James Tregonning, Indigenous Transition Coordinator and Instructor at Cambrian College, to talk about an Indigenous model of self-care, how it differs from the current popular understanding, and how he has integrated it into his work supporting Indigenous students.

Presenter Bio

James Tregonning

I’ve had a very distinguished career in establishing businesses in Ontario.  Some of my endeavors have had a significant impact on the people of Ontario.

I was a driving force for the establishment of Telehealth Ontario and the Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS) for the people of Ontario.  I was also a driving force in the establishment of non-profit organizations that assist physicians to provide interdisciplinary care for patients (otherwise known and Family Health Teams).  I was also a driving force in establishing new policies to incorporate indigenous traditional healing practices within primary care settings.

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