Summit 2013

Innovative Approaches in Campus Mental Health

In November 2013, CICMH held its first Summit Meeting, Innovative Approaches in Campus Mental Health, which brought together 90 campus mental stakeholders from Ontario’s post-secondary institutions. The purpose of the event was to bring everyone together for a full day of knowledge exchange that would cut across inter-professional and cross-institutional boundaries. More specifically, the event provided participants with the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the newly funded Centre for Innovation on Campus Mental Health
  • Learn about the 21 Mental Health Innovation Fund projects
  • Network and share
  • Identify potential areas for partnership building and collaboration

An evaluation of the event showed that we successfully achieved our meeting’s goals. Participants were especially pleased that the event highlighted practical campus mental ideas and initiatives that can be brought back to their campus. Participants were also pleased that the event’s activities allowed them to establish new contacts and potential partnerships that they will pursue after the event.

CICMH plans to hold its 2nd Summit Meeting this Fall 2014!

Summit 2013 Resources

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