CICMH Toolkits

Our toolkits are built to help Ontario's colleges and universities in supporting students with mental health needs.

Mental health and the learning environment

A toolkit for faculty and staff

This toolkit will help faculty and teaching staff take steps within the classroom in a collective effort to support student mental health.

Graduate Student Mental Health Toolkit

A guide to supporting graduate students' mental health

The graduate student mental health toolkit is a guide to supporting students prepared by the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health (CICMH).

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

A Toolkit for Postsecondary Campuses

The Campus Equity Toolkit is a guide to supporting students prepared by the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health and the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario.

Campus Peer Support Toolkit

A guide to implement and operate peer support programs on campus

Informal peer support occurs naturally within a post-secondary campus environment. Students connect with their peers, relationships are formed and young adults often turn naturally to peers during times of need.

Campus-Community Partnerships

This toolkit provides campuses and community agencies with a step by step process for developing effective partnerships.

Stepped Care for Post-Secondary Campuses

A promising model to improve access to mental health care on campus

The guide provides an overview of the various steps for implementation of Stepped Care 2.0 – an updated, more client-centric version of the original Stepped Care Model – in three Ontario post-secondary institutions. It also includes a review of challenges that stakeholders may experience during the implementation of Stepped Care 2.0 and tips for a smoother transition.

Reducing cannabis harms: A guide for Ontario campuses

This guide explores issues related to cannabis use and provides readers with an overview of health approaches that can reduce the harms and risks associated with it. Any campus professional — whether faculty, academic advisor, counsellor, or student services professional — working with students who use cannabis will be able to refer to the guide for information.

Evaluation Toolkit

Building Capacity to Evaluate Mental Health and Addictions Programs and Services

CICMH is invested in growing the capacity of front-line staff at colleges and universities in Ontario to effectively evaluate the impacts of their mental health and addictions services and initiatives. Click below to explore our new Evaluation Capacity Building Toolkit and more!

Campus Frameworks Toolkit

For students with complex mental health

This guide showcases several frameworks that campuses can use to guide their work in supporting students with complex mental health and/or addiction concerns through coordinated care. Watch the video below to find out more about this toolkit or take the “Campus Check-In” to find out what resources and tools from this website might be useful for your campus!