U of A pharmacy students’ video removes stigma from ‘mental health’

With exams fast approaching, a group of pharmacy students at the University of Alberta is trying to take the issue of mental health viral. The students have posted a video emphasizing the importance of taking care of your own mental health — especially during stressful times like exam season — and of finding help when you need it, or better yet, before you need it.

Scott Wakeham, a third-year pharmacy student and the person behind the video, hopes the video helps remove some of the social stigma associated with mental health, something he has seen his own family and loved ones struggle with first-hand. “This video is kind of a project to have more of a holistic approach and not to be reactive with mental health — but instead to look forward and see what we can prevent,” Wakeham said Monday. Wakeham also takes issue with the stigma around the phrase “mental health” itself, noting that for many the phrase is interchangeable with mental illness.

To watch the video and read more click here

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