Operationalising Mental Wellbeing within the Academic Plan

In 2014, Ryerson University unveiled a strategic five-year Academic Plan that would support the “whole student” in making their mark on the world. The Plan held 29 strategies that mapped onto 4 key priorities of #1. Enabling Greater Student Engagement and Success through Exceptional Experiences, #2. Increasing SRC Excellence, Intensity and Impact, #3. Fostering an Innovation Ecosystem and #4. Expanding Community Engagement and City Building.

With a view towards bolstering Ryerson’s capacity to fulfil the Plan in a manner that was respectful of the mental well being of Ryerson’s 45,000 students and employees, Ryerson’s Mental Health Advisory Committee developed a guiding document with practical suggestions on how mental wellbeing could be operationalised within the ambitious Academic Plan. The guiding document has catalysed discussions across the university, in a variety of departments. For example, the Learning and Teaching Office is working with the Advisory Committee on how mental wellbeing can be infused within pedagogy.

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Juannittah Kamera

Health Promotion Programs Coordinator
Ryerson University
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