Statement of Commitment to Student and Employee Mental Wellbeing

In 2012, alarmed by the climbing rates of mental health concerns on PSI campuses, Ryerson’s divisions of Student Affairs and Human Resources approached the University’s Executive Team for urgent support. Ryerson’s Provost and Vice President Administration & Finance responded by endorsing the creation of a new Ryerson Mental Health Advisory Committee that would jointly report to them, advise the University on best practices, and be guided by unique mandate that would bring Ryerson’s diverse community of students, staff, and faculty together to co-create a university that flourishes with mental wellbeing. The Executive Team also issued a university-wide statement of commitment to mental wellbeing that has lent power and force to a wide range of campus initiatives for students, staff, and faculty.


The Mental Health Advisory Committee, now renamed the Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee, still meets and reports regularly. More information can be found here.

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Myra Lefkowitz

Manager, Workplace Wellbeing Services
Ryerson University
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