Mental Health Services for Students at Postsecondary Institutions: A National Survey

In this article, the authors evaluated existing mental health promotion, identification, and intervention initiatives at postsecondary institutions across Canada. A 54-question online survey was sent to front-line workers dealing directly with students (e.g., psychologists/counsellors, medical professionals) at Canada’s publicly funded postsecondary institutions.

The authors found that most institutions have some form of mental health promotion and outreach programs, although most respondents felt that these were not a good use of resources. The authors further found that various social supports exist at most institutions, with large ones offering the greatest variety, and that while counselling services are typically available, staff do not reliably have a diverse complement (e.g., gender or race diversity).

The authors conclude that while integral mental health services are offered at most Canadian postsecondary institutions, the range and depth of available services
are variable.

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