Campus Check-in

1. Which models or frameworks would you like to learn more about?
2. Are you interested in accessing case studies that illustrate promising practices and processes that postsecondary service providers are using to build on-and-off campus partnerships?
3. Does your campus have Student of Concern Protocols (e.g., student in distress, crisis intervention, Student of Concern committee or behavioural intervention team, etc.)?
4. Are you interested in learning about tools that can help you review your internal and external partnerships, identify gaps, and develop partnership strategies?
5. Are you interested in learning more about promising campus-community partnership agreements, including examples of memorandums of understanding (e.g., campus-hospital MOUs; campus-board of education MOUs, etc.)?
6. Would you like to learn more about developing referral processes and documentation standards?
7. This toolkit includes samples of documentation/forms. Please check off which sample forms you would like to review
8. Does your department or campus collect data that could help inform and enhance any of the following? Please check all that apply.
9. Would you like to learn more about campus mental health indicators, measures and assessment tools?
10. Does your campus have diversity, equity and cultural competency training?