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COVID-19 Resources

Amid growing public concerns around COVID-19, post-secondary campuses in Ontario are continuing to support student mental health. CICMH has created and collated resources that may be helpful.

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Registration is open! CICMH Virtual Conference

November 13, 2024

Registration is now open for the CICMH virtual conference! We are continuing with our theme from last year, “Dialogue to Action” with the addition of “The work continues” since we continue to work towards improving capacities on Ontario campuses in supporting student mental health.

Trauma-Informed Practice & Care

The purpose of this toolkit is to give those working and/or studying within the post-secondary space the context, knowledge, and skills to begin reflecting on and implementing trauma-informed practice & care into their work. This toolkit does not hope to create experts in this diverse range of practices, but to offer readers a space to consider how trauma not only impacts those they interact with, but also themselves. We invite the reader to use this toolkit to treat themselves and others with care and compassion.

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Student Engagement

Student engagement strategies have varied across post-secondary institutions, especially with the varying needs of students in the past few years.

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Gambling within Post-Secondary Institutions

In this webinar, we will be joined by Dr Sasha Stark from Greo Evidence Insights and Dr Andrew Kim from the University of Calgary to discuss gambling within the post-secondary context. Specifically, they will discuss topics including what problem gambling/gambling disorder is, the recent policy changes within Canada and Ontario, as well as the rise of sports betting and online gambling. Prevention resources (such as the Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines) and support resources (self-help and professional treatments) will be addressed. Closed captioning in French will be available.

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