Just Get Over It: An Indigenous-led Approach to Learning about Colonialism

We will be joined by Dr. Dawn Lavell Harvard and Anjeni Lovelady from Trent University to introduce the Just Get Over It (JGOI) exercise that the First Peoples House of Learning developed. The JGOI is an experiential learning opportunity that allows participants to learn and understand the timeline of colonialism in Canada and its effects on Indigenous peoples across the country. Trained facilitators, who are Indigenous themselves, will weave their own stories and perspectives into the timeline, allowing participants to hear the real impacts this history has had and continues to have on Indigenous families and communities. Participants additionally engage with the timeline through an interactive portion that asks them to place themselves in the shoes of Indigenous peoples living through different parts of that history. Through the webinar, attendees can find out how to request this workshop and the outcomes we have seen as we continue to offer this exercise to community partners. Learn more here: https://www.trentu.ca/fphl/

Speaker Bio

Dr. Dawn Lavell Harvard, Ph.D., is a proud member of the Wiikwemkoong First Nation, on Manitoulin Island, the first Aboriginal Trudeau Scholar, and has worked to advance the rights of Aboriginal women as the President of the Ontario Native Women’s Association since 2003. After serving as Vice-President of the Native Women’s Association of Canada for three years, Dawn was elected National President at the 41st Annual General Assembly, July 11, 2015 in Montreal, Quebec. After fulfilling her promise to see the MMIWG Inquiry initiated, in October 2016, Dawn left her role as National Leader and took on the role of Director at the First Peoples House of Learning at Trent University.Angeni Lovelady is a Niizh-Manidoowag (Two-Spirit) person of mixed ancestry (Algonquin Aniishinaabeg and Scottish/English). As the Project Coordinator, Angeni supports developing and facilitating training initiative projects for the First Peoples House of Learning. Additionally, Angeni supports Two-Spirit and 2SLGBTQ+ Indigenous students and community members through continued programming in collaboration with other local Indigenous organizations.

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