Suicide Awareness – Centre for Suicide Prevention

In this webinar, we welcome the Centre for Suicide Prevention as our special guests as they continue their work to reduce stigma and increase awareness of suicide prevention via education and training. This session will explore the following:

  • Myths and facts relating to suicide in Canada
  • Who is most impacted, and why?
  • Best practices: warning signs, risk factors and protective factors
  • Are you worried about someone? How to talk about suicide
  • Centre for Suicide Prevention and the work we do

We will also make some time to highlight the following initiatives:

Centre for Suicide Prevention: Post-secondary resources:

Centre for Suicide Prevention: Buddy Up Men’s suicide prevention campaign:

For additional information on the Centre for Suicide Prevention, please visit their website at:

Presenter Bio

Hilary Sirman is the Education Director at the Centre for Suicide Prevention (CSP) in Calgary, Alberta, an education branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association. With the committed team at CSP, Hilary works to reduce stigma and increase awareness of suicide prevention through education & training.

Hilary holds Bachelor of Education and Master of Public Administration degrees from Queen’s University, as well as certificates from Queen’s Smith School of Business in Marketing and Human Resources. She began her career working in the Department of Alumni Affairs at Queen’s University and has worked with CSP since 2013. Hilary has a special passion for promoting mental wellness and healthy living within the post-secondary sector.

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