Striking a balance: Tips and tricks for effective youth engagement

Many campuses have innovative mental health services and programs in place for their students, but sometimes struggle with student engagement. Some challenges involve building awareness of these services and ensuring that they meet evolving student needs. This webinar will talk about engaging students in promotion, design, and delivery. We will be discussing some best practices in outreach and engagement, including lessons learned from our national youth capacity building programs. Finally, we’ll share ideas about student co-creation of these programs and necessary steps for sustained engagement.

Sarah Mughal is the Director of Programs & Evaluation at Sarah oversees the design, delivery, and evaluation of’s programs to build youth capacity for community-centred mental health advocacy across Canada. She is also responsible for the ongoing formative research and for ensuring that is consistently aligned with evidence based practices. Sarah holds a BA in Health Studies from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Public Health focusing on Social Inequities from Simon Fraser University.

Pratik Nair is the Evaluation and Knowledge Translation Lead at Pratik conducts evaluations, analysis, and produces deliverables (reports, presentations) to inform our programs. Pratik holds a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Toronto and has conducted evaluations on programs and policy for children’s television, health services in Ontario municipalities, and harm reduction services in South America.

Presentation slides

Presentation slides

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