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Shared Priorities in Engaging Students in Campus Mental Health Support & Awareness

On January 27, 2016 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT, we Asked the Experts about “Shared Priorities in Engaging Students in Campus Mental Health Support & Awareness” 

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Mental Health Awareness and Support is an important priority for college and university students. The Ontario Undergraduate Student Association (OUSA) and the College Student Alliance (CSA) have been working with students across Ontario to lobby the provincial government for mental health supports, shedding light on the continuing need for mental health awareness on campus and combating the stigma associated with mental illness and mental health services.

This webinar will highlight students’ priorities surrounding mental health support and awareness. Representatives from OUSA, CSA as well as a panel of student leaders will discuss strategies and lessons regarding consulting with students, working with administrations, and the key elements of developing a climate conducive to mental health promotion.  You will hear from student leaders on their experience with mental health awareness building on their campuses and projects they have started to support their peers.

Key Learnings:

By the end of the webinar participants will learn about:

  • Some current student priorities around mental health support and awareness on Ontario campuses
  • Best practices and lessons learned around consulting with students, working with administrations, and the key elements of developing a climate conducive to mental health promotion.
  • Key steps and experiences in developing peer-led campus initiatives mental health awareness

Presenter Bios:

Jasmine Irwin, Director of Communications, OUSA

Jasmine comes to OUSA from Western University, where she graduated with a degree in Media and the Public Interest. She has long harboured passion for social justice issues and public discourse, but has been hooked by student advocacy since serving as an Executive on Western’s University Students’ Council. Outside of work, Jasmine travels frequently: the number of countries she has visited exceeds her age, a ratio she hopes to maintain until her grandchildren refuse to wheel her across Turkmenistan. She loves to talk about feminism, food, and campy television. She will read literally anything her Instapaper account tells her to.

Ciara Byrne, Director of Advocacy, CSA

Ciara attended Conestoga College, receiving a diploma in Buisiness Administration Management. During her studies, Ciara served as a board member and served two terms as President of Conestoga Students Inc. She also served one year as President of the College Student Alliance. She brings experience in relationship management, strategy development and communications in both the corporate and in the not-for-profit world. She brings a proven track record of experience at MTCU representing CSA and a passion for the best possible experiences for Ontario college students. Ciara values helping people grow and lead a happier life. She sees the biggest opportunity to fulfill her passion and values, in helping the student leaders of Ontario work towards a more affordable, transparent and quality education.

Panel of student leaders:

Danielle Burt, University of Waterloo, Project Coordinator for Housing & Residences

Allie Golding, Sault College, President of Sault College Students Union

Chukky Ibe, McMaster University, Social Science Representative on the Student Representative Assembly


About the College Student Alliance (CSA)

The College Student Alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that believes in working collaboratively with post-secondary education (PSE) stakeholders & government to improve the college experience. They represent over 110,000 students, 17 student associations and 13 colleges across Ontario. CSA is the main contact to government on the opinions of Ontario’s college students. They are guided by 5 Pillars: Affordability, Accessibility, Accountability, Transferability and Quality. Go to the CSA website for more information.

About the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA)

OUSA represents the interests of over 140,000 professional and undergraduate, full-time and part-time university students at seven student associations across Ontario. Our vision is of accessible, affordable, accountable, and high quality post-secondary education in Ontario. To achieve this vision we’ve come together to develop solutions to challenges facing higher education, build broad consensus for our policy options, and lobby government to implement them. Go to the OUSA website for more information.


The Ask the Experts webinar series is a collaboration with the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health and the Canadian Mental Health Association of Ontario. Funding has been provided by the Ontario Ministry of Training and Colleges