This toolkit would not have been possible without help from our valued stakeholders. In order to ensure that this toolkit utilized a whole-campus approach, we collaborated with stakeholders in various campus roles. Their time and dedication brought this toolkit to fruition.

Thank you to all who contributed!

  • Mujtaba Ahmed-Hassan
  • Jessie Brar
  • Stephanie Cheung
  • Lisa Doxtator
  • Kim English
  • Melissa Fernandes
  • Ana Fonseca
  • Laraine Hale 
  • Sania Hameed
  • Allison Hector-Alexander
  • Fae Johnstone
  • Patience Johnston
  • Julius
  • Krista Kermer
  • Ken Kirkwood
  • Candice Kloeble
  • Debra Lefebvre
  • Christina Meredith
  • Hodan Muhammed
  • Priscilla Ofosu-Barko
  • Tina Ranta
  • Payton Shank
  • Vindra Sahadeo
  • Sawan Sengupta



Illustration of Hands Up

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