Fleming College – Connect & Get Ready

Topics Covered:

  • Finding a Place to Live
  • Immigration 101
  • What is academic integrity?
  • APA Citation for Successful Assignments
  • Finding a part-time job
  • Applying for a SIN
  • Your Health Plan
  • Classroom Expectations
  • Navigating D2L – The Student Learning Platform
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion – Your Human Rights in Canada
  • Is there a Canadian Culture?
  • Academic Supports Available to International Students
  • Housing search – Virtual drop-in

Additional Sessions:

  • “Ask Us” sessions
  • A welcome session with department representatives
  • Security on and off-campus session
  • “Self-guided tour” activity where students receive information about support services by visiting multiple departments by following a map to various check-in points
Guide: PDF Version