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Sheridan College Leadership –
Visits to International Students

Sheridan College staff travel to key areas of recruitment to provide students with face-to-face time and vital information for them to plan for their arrival in Canada. Often, they are accompanied by an upper grade student studying at Sheridan from that country.

Items that are discussed:

  • What to pack
  • Types of paperwork and how to properly fill them out
  • How to manage flights and navigate the airport
  • How to get to campus from the airport
  • Information on public transit
  • What the weather is like in Canada (what clothes they may need)
  • The types of foods are available in grocery stores (so they have the same food as at home)
  • How rent works in Canada and current prices for rent
  • Introduction to campus services
  • Student activities on campus
  • Clubs on campus
  • How to apply for a job (interview process etc.)
  • Types of jobs available on campus
  • Extent of work hours allowed for international students
  • Differences between post-secondary schools
  • Class schedules
  • How marks are tabulated
  • Plagiarism
  • Health insurance
  • A guide to the college website and the online learning platform
  • How to avoid scams and the different types of scams
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