Ontario has the most culturally diverse population in the country. It is home to 54 percent of the visible minorities in Canada as well as the largest percentage of people who identify as Aboriginal of any of the other provinces or territories.

Ontario is also the lead destination for Canadian newcomers, and their children are more likely to go to college or university than children whose parents were born in Canada. The study Pathways of Immigrant Youthfinds that immigrants tend to have high expectations for success, which motivates their children to succeed.

Ontario’s postsecondary student body reflects this deepening provincial diversity. College and university campuses are increasingly ethno-racial, linguistic and religiously diverse places. This growing diversity requires that post-secondary institutions adapt to meet new needs of students including considerations around language barriers and the importance of inclusion. Departments that support students’ mental health need to create safe and inclusive environments that are reflective of diversity and promote resilience.

These tools were designed to support providers with resources to help them incorporate cultural competency and health equity into their campus policies, programs and procedures in order to better respond to the needs of their growing diverse student bodies.

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Defining Cultural Competency & Health Equity

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