What does your campus need to think about in terms of effectively servicing students needing mental health and addiction supports?

When working with students with complex mental health needs it is important to connect them to appropriate services both on campus and off-campus to support their learning and wellness, and help students reach their full potential.

To facilitate this need for more coordinated care for students with complex needs, campuses can develop alliances between different on-campus services and departments, as well as community-based agencies. In particular, developing off campus relationships can facilitate referrals to specialized services in mental health, addiction and other areas of expertise that may not be available on campus.

These tools were designed to help your campus enhance its ability to support students with complex mental health needs by thinking how services on-campus, off-campus and in the community can better coordinate care through partnership and collaboration.

Going through this process will help in deciding:

  • Why should we collaborate – is it the way to go?
  • What type of relationship is best to meet our needs?
  • What key elements do we need to keep in mind in partnering with others?
  • What steps need to be taken to form a collaborative partnership?
  • Have we checked all the boxes to ensure a successful collaboration?

Start to explore partnership tools and resources now!

Thinking About a Collaborative Partnership

Steps to Building a Collaborative Partnership

Characteristics of Successful Collaborations

Partnership Challenges and Strategies

Partnership Resources and Tools