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Appendix D: Interview questions to ask

Ascertaining lived experience

This can often be the most challenging aspect of the interview process. Obviously, it is important to ask questions that are in line with labour laws, yet also equally important to ascertain that individuals have the experiences necessary to perform the duties associated with the role and to relate to the challenges being faced by the student population. Below are some examples of questions that can be asked in to ascertain this qualification:

  • The role of peer supporter involves drawing from personal experiences of mental health and/or addiction challenges to provide support to others coping with similar challenges. Can you tell me about experiences you have had that will be helpful in the role of peer supporter?
  • Can you tell me about courses/trainings/resources you’ve accessed that may be beneficial in the role of peer supporter?
  • How would you describe the role of peer supporter to others?
Understanding of the importance and application of boundaries

A peer supporter’s ability to maintain professionalism and accept and uphold boundaries is crucial for the success of the program and the role. Providing scenario-based questions to ascertain how an individual would respond and whether they are contemplative of boundaries and relationship-building strategies prior to participating in the peer support training program is helpful.

  • Part of the role of peer supporter involves drawing from personal experiences to provide support to other people. Would you always share lived experiences?
  • Imagine you have been providing peer support to a student for about three months. One
    weekend, you are attending a party near campus. You see the participant you have been
    supporting at the same party. How might you handle this interaction with the participant
  • Part of the role of peer supporter involves building rapport and maintaining relationships.
    Can you describe some ways in which you’ve maintained healthy relationships in your life?
Self-management and personal responsibility

Finding out how invested in personal support and wellness a peer supporter is will help ensure
they are able to uphold the expectations of the role and will help inform campus staff of the
types of coping strategies, resources and experiences the potential peer supporter may be
able to bring to the campus.

  • We recognize the role of peer supporter can be quite demanding. What types of support
    do you anticipate you may access or need a referral to fulfill the duties expected within
    the role?
  • Can you describe a time where you have sought support to complete a task? What was
    the task, and what were the considerations you contemplated when going through
    this process?
Ability to work as a member of an interdisciplinary team

It is important to ensure a team member can work well with the various perspectives that may
exist within the team. Having a team member that understands the value of clinical services in
conjunction with peer support services is necessary for the various programs to complement
each other and to ensure the best student support.

  • Can you tell us about a time where you disagreed with the perspective of a team member
    or supervisor? How did you navigate this situation?
  • Can you tell us about a time where you shared feedback with another member of your team? How did you navigate sharing this feedback while maintaining relationships?
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