The Case of Algonquin College

The Process

  • Initial access to counselling was changed from an intake appointment to a walk-in model.
  • The college hired a group counsellor that facilitates groups on anxiety, depression, mindfulness, sleep, relationships and emotional regulation.
  • Counsellors were trained in single-session therapy and Stepped Care 2.0.
  • A new page on the college’s counselling services website was dedicated to online self-help apps and tools.
  • The college purchased and implemented TAO Therapy Assistance Online technology.
  • The college purchased and implemented Behavioral Health Monitor (BHM-20) outcome measurement technology, which all counsellors use on new tablets.
  • The college continued to promote WellTrack interactive self-help therapy across all campuses.
  • The college reviewed the whole service delivery model with Lean Six Sigma methodology in May 2018.
  • Provincial tools such as BounceBack and Big White Wall were promoted.

The Results

Counselling budget hasn’t increased since 2008. With the same budget, the college saw:

  • Twice as many appointments completed
  • Twice as many students served

This makes the case for the change.

Find more information at Algonquin College Counselling Services.



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