3.2.1 Using Surveys That Already Exist

There are many surveys that already exist that may relate to what you want to ask your stakeholders about – for example, surveys on changes in anxiety in students, on levels of coping, on feelings of hope for the future (or all three!).

It is a good idea to research any existing surveys to see if they might meet your needs.  Using surveys that have been used in the past means that you can also possibly compare your results to the results of other programs or services that have used that same survey (and that have published their results).

What are Validated Surveys?

Some existing surveys are also validated, which means they are already established and have been tested to make sure they are measuring what they say they are measuring every time they are used. The value of using a validated survey is that you can compare your results to the results of other programs/services that are similar in your institutions or in other institutions. You can do this provincially, nationally or even internationally.

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