Who this toolkit is for?

Primary Audience

This toolkit has been primarily developed for frontline staff at Post-Secondary Education (PSE) college and university campuses across Ontario who offer programs and services related to student mental health and addictions. This includes staff at Student Health and Counselling Offices, Accessibility Offices, Campus Health and Wellness Centres and/or other offices on campus that are responsible for running and delivering mental health and addictions programs and services. This toolkit is also aimed at student leaders who play the important role of supporting their peers in navigating services and spaces on campus. Those that run special initiatives related to mental health and addictions (e.g., awareness or educational campaigns, training) may also find this toolkit useful to assess their effectiveness.

Secondary Audience

Others who might find this toolkit useful include student bodies or groups that are involved in mental health and addictions work on campus. This may also include academic staff or researchers interested in service models or administrators on campus who are invested in strategy, planning and/or policy relative to the mental health and addictions needs of their student population.

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