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5.0 Evaluation Projects

In April 2018, CICMH launched the Evaluation Capacity Project with the goal of building the evaluation capacity of front-line staff and student leaders in the post-secondary sector in Ontario. Each project site was linked with an evaluation champion to help them on their individual projects.

Carleton University

In 2016, Carleton updated the Student Mental Health Framework to address the needs and changing climate to a more holistic, inclusive, whole campus plan. The document was used as guiding values for the work being done across departments, student services, and student groups.

The purpose of this new plan is to:

  • Reinforce and strengthen the University’s existing framework to incorporate guiding values from the updated University Strategic Integrated Plan (2020).
  • Identify any gaps and/or new topics of importance and incorporate into the existing areas of the Student Mental Health Framework 2.0.
  • Present and share highlights of what has been accomplished in recent years.
  • Provide a guide and tiered University level evaluation framework for mental health programs, initiatives, and services.

Download the PDF Report Here: Carleton Mental Health Framework 3.0

York University

The Student Counselling, Health & Wellbeing team at York University set out on an evaluation mission to achieve the following in 2020-2021:

  1. Develop an evaluation framework for mental health & well-being services at York University
  2. Develop a data schedule for Student Counselling & Development at York University
  3. Complete a preliminary evaluation of the merging of the HEP & SCD portfolios

What resulted was a reflective report titled The Elephant in the Room: An honest and pragmatic reflection on program evaluation. In this report, Stephanie Cheung walks us through the following topics connected to her experience engaging in the Evaluation Champion Program:

  • An overview of Program Evaluation & My Practice
  • Program Evaluation: Common Barriers & Potential Solutions
  • Counselling Practicum Program Evaluation Outline
  • Exercise to Engage Teams in Program Evaluation
  • Additional Resources

Download the PDF report Here



Northern College

Northern College completed an Evaluation Plan for their campus-wide Mental Health Strategy using the Evaluation Toolkit templates and content as a guide. The following is a copy of their evaluation plan.

Download Word File Download PDF File

University of Guelph

University of Guelph completed an Evaluation Plan to evaluate their Student Wellness Navigators. The following is a copy of their project summary.

Download Word File

George Brown College

George Brown College created a logic model directly for the work they were doing, and a deeper understanding of how a logic model connects all the elements of a program or initiative.

Download PowerPoint File Download PDF File

Algonquin College

Algonquin College created an Evaluation Plan to assess the impact of Algonquin College Counselling Services on resilience and coping in Algonquin College students. The following is a copy of their project summary.

Download Word File

Durham College

Durham College created an evaluation Strategic Plan to help anchor evaluation that could be occurring across multiple campuses and programs.

Focus Groups at a Glance
Download Word Document Download PDF File

Service Review at a Glance
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