When to use this toolkit?

This toolkit can be used anytime, and you can start now! You can access it as necessary depending on what stage you are in in terms of program or service planning or delivery. This toolkit is meant to be a living document that evolves with your changing needs and priorities.  CICMH will keep updating it by creating built-in feedback mechanism and by conducting regular reviews of evaluation resources that can be added.  This is your resource, and we are committed to making it as helpful as we can for you!

If you are feeling unsure …

For some of you, it is the first time you are thinking of doing evaluation. This can create some nervousness, or anxiety. People often ask themselves, “Do I have the skills I need to do evaluation? Do I have the time? What happens if the results aren’t 100% positive?” These questions are normal. However, it is important to try to move through them and press on with doing evaluation. Evaluation has real benefits, and those benefits outweigh the challenges or risk that are sometimes worried about. Remember that:

  • Learning about how you do your work will have a positive bottom line for the students you serve and also for your ability to do your job well.
  • Engaging is evaluation is the best way to secure more resources for your work.
  • Evaluation can be learned!
  • You can start small with evaluation and then work your way up to more detailed or complex evaluation if you want in the future.

CICMH is here to help! We will offer ongoing webinars, support and resources for you to guide you along the path of your evaluation journey!

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